Welcome to ReportMonkey

Hey! Welcome to ReportMonkey, we are going to have an amazing journey with you :)

We know how painful it is to work with tens of different clients and prepare reports for them, we have been there too; that is exactly why we have started building ReportMonkey.

What is ReportMonkey?

ReportMonkey is a super simple reporting platform that aims to make reporting process as painless as possible. The idea is to empower marketers with fast and accurate reporting skills while also handling the professional look of the reports, making them completely portable and getting all the little bits and pieces out of the way so that you can focus on your business instead of your reports.

How does it do that?

It doesn’t require a PhD to understand that a lot of the businesses out there share similar metrics when they are trying to understand how their online presence perform. There are some common metrics, dimensions, specific types of graphs and similar stuff, and yet every agency, marketing team and individual creates the same templates, reports and presentations over and over again.

ReportMonkey unifies a set of pre-built reports that explains different aspects of a business by using different metrics, dimensions and graphs. Essentially, we have been collecting the most common and insightful reports that we have seen used firsthand by very big clients, and we have aggregated this knowledge into our existing sample reports in order to jump-starting you and decrease the mean time spent per report.

How much time do I save?

According to the industry experience and discussions with our customers, average time per report seems to be around 4-6 hours for a single platform, and this starts multiplying with each additional platform to the reporting. A big chunk of the reporting is spent on the appearance + report metrics decision, then the process continues with collecting the actual statistics and constructing the report itself.

ReportMonkey has pre-built reports in it, which means it requires no decision-making after deciding on the template itself. ReportMonkey builds every report on the same template, which means all of your reports share the same standardized professional look. ReportMonkey builds your reports with large sampling size with programmatic access to Google Analytics, which is not possible with Google Analytics interface and allows higher granularity with more details in your reports. Finally, ReportMonkey does all of these in less than 60 seconds.

ReportMonkey allows you to squeeze 6 hours of work into 60 seconds while increasing the report sampling, having a professional look and giving reports in both PowerPoint and PDF formats.

How much do I pay?

ReportMonkey is in beta process right now, therefore, you pay nothing!

How do I get started?

You can register right now with just your email, from here.

ReportMonkey will allow you to move forward with your business by spending less time on reporting and more on actions. Since these are very early stages for the product, please feel free to reach out to us by using the feedback form in the application, we would be happy to support you and develop solutions for your use cases.