Crazy Simple Digital Reporting

Ready-made Google Analytics reports, available in PPTX & PDF formats

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Get your first report in seconds

Connect your Google account

We never do anything with your account without your permission. You can always remove your account connection from ReportMonkey with a single click.

Pick a report

Select the account you want to get the report of, pick one of the ready-made reports, pick the dates, and you are done.

Download PPTX & PDF

ReportMonkey creates both PPTX and PDF versions of your reports. All of your reports are always downloadable unless you delete them, and you can reach them from anywhere.

Are you a digital agency?

Fully fledged report under 60 seconds

Thanks to the tight integration of ReportMonkey with Google Analytics, you get complex reports with tens of components in under a minute.

Ready-made reports, hand-picked attributes

ReportMonkey contains ready-made templates that are selected to highlight key metrics of the businesses, no more jumping through blogs and forums to see what attributes to use for your client.

Professional look in multiple formats

All the reports built on ReportMonkey share the same resources, which means you will always get a consistent look with the same font families, careful alignment, hand-picked color palette and a professional look.

Tailor-made reports with your own branding

Would you like to use your own templates for the reports? Contact us, and we will build a custom report template just for you, for free!

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Are you a business owner?

Get key metrics of your business directly

ReportMonkey's pre-made templates allow you to see the most important metrics of your business in a single report. We combine our domain knowledge with your business metrics to make your job easier.

Get your own reports by yourself

ReportMonkey's super simple interface allows you to get a report with just a few clicks, no Analytics knowledge required. You get to know your business metrics first hand.

Focus on your business, not reports

ReportMonkey is here to assist you! You get your reports in seconds, no need to spend days to collect all your important KPIs, you focus on your business, we are here to support you.

Custom report structures with your own KPIs

Your business is the most important piece in this puzzle, just drop us a line and we will create a custom report for you.

Seriously though?


Crazy Simple

ReportMonkey is the simplest digital marketing reporting tool ever built. We know how boring it is to create reports; that is exactly why we have created a set of reports tailored for specific purposes. After connecting your account, all you have to do is to select your account, pick the report and click the download button; the rest is on us.

Super Fast & Convenient

ReportMonkey uses state-of-the-art technologies to construct your reports; even huge reports of the biggest accounts can be generated in seconds. You are not going to wait for the report to be generated, ReportMonkey will let you know when your report is ready, so you can trigger tens of reports at the same time.

Use Anywhere & Anytime

ReportMonkey generates PPTX and PDF versions of your reports, which means you can download the report wherever you want to present it, or you can display the reports and see how your business is doing just from your mobile device. Beauty of the PPTX slides, combined with portability of PDF.



How much does ReportMonkey cost?
ReportMonkey is currently in beta; therefore, it is free! We want to move your business forward, and we believe we can improve with your feedback to fit your needs the best. We are going to give additional non-paid usage to our beta users even after the beta ends.
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Can I disconnect my Google account?
Can I remove all my data?
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